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From foundation remediation and small earth retention to 2.5MW wind turbine foundations or transmission towers, our helical piles and anchors can be used in myriad of applications.

Oil & Gas

An ideal environment for the use of helical piles as these sites generally have contaminated soils, restricted work areas, tight outage schedules and frost jacking concerns. From entire compressor station projects to cable tray foundations our machined connections are the preferred connection system by several third party engineering groups when multiple section lengths are needed and rotational stiffness requirements are considered.

Power Transmission & Distribution

Cyclical loading or foundations that experience both tension and compression loads at irregular intervals need to be designed with minimal movement between cycles. The transmission & distribution segments of power generation experiences all of the above. The 3-bolt machined connections are the perfect solution for designers and owners wanting to mitigate movement when using helical piles for the deep foundation elements of their structures.

Heavy Civil & Industrial

This market demands tight and structured work zones and limited time to install foundations and are often restricted by no concrete or spoils. Our High Capacity helical pile product line has the highest rated torsional and axial capacity per shaft diameter in the industry allowing for the ability to use a safety factor of 3 when others struggle to achieve a safety factor of 2. This can eliminate the need for load testing or insure that material will not fail during installation when the schedule can’t be compromised.


A typical commercial building project often involves one of two elements: building additions with existing nearby structures, or a new build in some of the worst geological locations available. For building additions such as hospitals, apartments, schools or other sites that require minimal vibration disturbances during construction our piles are a great choice due to little to no vibrations during installation. Lower level work with low overhead or tight access can be alleviated with shorter pile sections for a quick and easy install.

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